Monday, May 9, 2011

 Taylor's First Date and First Prom.  She was stunning.
 Purple contacts really looked amazing.
 Taylor at Sakura-con.  This was her birthday gift
 The Chaperones for Sakura-con.  Auntie Ellie and Ms Lorian.  They were the best!
 Teaching Gwen to tie her shoes.  The bunny is still running around that tree and jumping in the hole!  It has worked with all the kids and grandkids so far!
 Do you bite your thumb at me sir?  I do bite my thumb sir!  Stump the chump!
 These guys came up with this shot all by themselves!  So stinkin cute!
 Our spring break trip to Seattle!
 The look of love...that little guy does love me, I can see it in his face!  He is my Bubala!
 I love this hat.  I have so many ideas for hats!
 The three Smithkateers!
Disco skating is baaaaccck!
 Happy happy happy!
 Me and my peeps.
 Still growing...98.6 lbs at the last weigh in a few months ago.
 Pinkypie or as I call her, little miss prickle pants.
 A sad farewell to my old dear friend Zion.  He is sorely missed.  He was14.
My Sweetie pie that is always ready to help me no matter what I volunteer for.  Here he is after making 75 pink pettit fores for a dear friends surprise party!

There have been many sad times in the world lately with tornados and tsunamis and such and some good news, Bin Laden is done.   Life does go on and our prayers continue for those in need.  

Friday, December 10, 2010

Yep still here!

This is actually some of Doug's ancestors in this picture from the Church History manuel I am teaching seminary from this year!
34 years this year!
I think there is romance in the air!
He is still growing..up to 78.6 lbs at 8 months old!
Gwen is on the ball!
Welcome our newest bit of sweetness.  Aaron Douglas is here and he is a keeper!!!
Again?  Really?

Snow came to early, gonna be a long winter!
Lovely lady!!!
Kiba, Jack is visiting, make him feel welcome and quit licking his head.  He is NOT a chew toy!
Such lovely just want to lick their noses!!!!

A proud big brother!
Jared is ready for any adventure!!!
Nathan the defender!
Ok I give up, does she look scared?
No Papa, no turkey!  Where's the beef?
And so another Thanksgiving under the belt...well after eating that it is probably hanging over the belt...
Where's the Pie?!

We sure missed having you home Doug.....

Monday, August 23, 2010


Life is always fun with the Smiths.  Ok remember when you were engaged and everyone kept saying how Sarah got a good one?  Well she did BUT so did Jason.  Jason you are lucky.  Who else could get you to dress up in all these fun outfits? I had about 6 others I could have posted but thought I would spare you.  May you continue to be blessed and have many many many years of joy and fun.  Health, Wealth, and Happiness to you always.  We love all the fun times we have with you!!!!